The Chains

My older sister would let me stay the weekend with her a lot when I was younger, about 12 or 13 years old. Her partner at that time had two children about my age so we would spend the weekends together. One time, the kids were both sick so they stayed with their mom and I was the only one staying at my sister's house. Her partner had to work overtime that Friday night, so I was allowed to sleep with my sister.

Our grandfather, on our dad's side, does black magic and he's very into the spiritual world so weird things have always happened at home. Our mom has always said "What happens at home, stays at home." So we never spoke about it. My sister was telling me that she wanted to move out of that house because she kept feeling pressure on her chest when she tried to wake up, and a faint warm feeling on her cheek as if someone was breathing on her face. I wasn't surprised, due to our grandad's history.

She had a tiny dog named Dragon, and he was on a metal chain leash in the kitchen that night (he would pee everywhere if she let him roam around). We were used to hearing the metal scraping against the floor when he moved, but after 12 a.m. it stopped. When we checked, he had fallen asleep in his bed. So we returned to the room.

Now, my sister's house had a weird shape. When you entered the house, it was a long and narrow hallway, around 20 feet long, and three doors to your right. The first door led to the guest room, the second to the bathroom and the third to my sister's room and then the hallway opened up to the kitchen and living room.

My sister fell asleep first, but as usual I had stayed up texting one of my friends. I was in that half-asleep stage when I started hearing the darned metal chains scraping. "He's up again", I thought and went to shake my sister when I focused more on the noise and noticed it wasn't coming from the kitchen, it was coming from the front door. I could hear it slithering down the hallway and my heart started to beat faster.

I shook my sister awake, she was about to ask me something when she heard it and quickly looked towards the doorway. There was nothing to see, we could hear the chain moving down the hallway, but the chain wasn't actually there. It sounded loud and clear, as if it were passing the doorway, but it just wasn't there.

After about two minutes of us staring at the doorway dumbfounded, it stopped. We checked on Dragon but he was still sound asleep. It seemed weird but we still called our grandad, "He didn't wake up?" he asked. We said no and he responded, "Weird, animals are usually the first to react to these sort of things." We knew he was telling the truth, we'd always have dogs around and they'd been the first to react but somehow, Dragon hadn't even flinched in his sleep.

The morning afterwards, my sister was shaking in bed. I woke up and looked towards her and noticed her eyes were wide open. She took a big breath and said, "I felt it again." I asked what she was talking about and she replied, "I couldn't wake up. I felt someone holding me down and I couldn't breathe. Thank God you woke up." About a month after she moved after having more incidents happen.

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