The Coat Hanger

by Liz
(Houston, TX)

It was July of 2012 and I had a lot of things going on in my life that had greatly upset me, but I continued to live peacefully. I did yoga, meditated and made sure I always had good vibes around me. I lived with a friend at the time and we always went to bed around 9pm because we woke up very early.

I had a few experiences in this house. I would wake up in the middle of the night and hear someone (what sounded like her mom) whisper our name as if she were praying for us. It turned out her mother had heard us up in the middle of the night giggling and knocking on her door when we were actually asleep.

So, on this one night, the night I remember so vividly, I was the first to fall asleep out of everyone in the house. When I woke up at 12am and for some reason I decided to get up and look into the living room to see who I would find. My vision was still blurry from barely waking up so I stared at what I believed to be a coat hanger. I thought this coat hanger to be so pretty. I couldn't stop staring at the spiral where you would have to hang your coat. Then, I thought it was odd the coat hanger would be where the back door is considering we use the front door to exit and enter the house. When my vision cleared up I realized this was no coat hanger. This was a man in a coat, and the spiral I was stupidly mesmerized by were his horns. I turned and walked to my room. I shut the door and woke my friend up and she complained "what's burning? What's that smell? Who's burning something?" Oh My God was all I could say. Pale and fragile, I realized this was the man himself. It was Satan.

I don't know why I was the only one able to see him, my friend the only one to smell him. I could hear him walking out of the back door. I began to recite scriptures from the Kabbalah. I could hear he was outside of our bedroom window and I could hear him breathing heavily. He was PISSED I was casting him out. I couldn't fall back to sleep. I had to stay up and guard my home. I believed there was no way he could slip through the cracks for I casted him out.

Next thing I know I hear my friend struggling to move. I spoke her name and her eyes opened widely and she screamed in terror, almost looked paralyzed. When her mother came into the room she quickly scrambled to her feet and hugged her mother. I still could not sleep. What the hell just happened? Why am I the only one trying to figure out what is going on? The most important question was, why was he here?

Till this day, I don't know the answer. What I do believe though, if I never seen him I would've never found out the truth about the people I believed to care for me. It turns out they were planning on betraying me in the most horrible way. I left before they could. I'm not going to lie, I was absolutely terrified that I seen the man himself. I didn't know what to believe or what to think, but I know my eyes did not deceive me. I felt, heard, and seen the man himself. I don't know why he appeared and I honestly do not know all the truths in this world but I do know had I not seen him, these people would have committed the ultimate betrayal. For that, I must thank the man himself, Satan, Devil, etc.

I will forever find light in the darkest of nights. I gained truth out of what most people would consider a "negative experience". This is my story.

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