The Coming Of The Unicorns

by Daniela Duran
(Hialeah, FL, USA)

Unicorns came from a place where we not know of. They are amazing creature with power beyond imagined. The Unicorns came from the half-goats half-horses. But the only one horn it has gives it all its respect and power. Its home is in hidden places on Earth that we can still not find. They used to live along side us humans and get along well with only some of us. The others were bad and selfish.

The Unicorns used to hide from time to time from the selfish humans and creatures that would want steal it's power, beauty, and greatness. From too many attacks from the humans and creatures, the unicorn had to hide away from it all. Before they left, they asked the good humans to remember them forever and to pass on the stories to everyone. The good humans also painted paintings of the Unicorns so they can never forget their divine image.

But just before they left, one of the Unicorns decided to stay behind, but to do that it had to give away its one horn to turn into a normal white horse and it did. The horn was given to the good humans to grant them forever lasting happiness. They say the horn is still on Earth but hidden very well. Also that the Unicorns that left still come back to visit from time to time but nobody notices. It is all a mysterious and wonderful story.

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