The Creep

by Jelen

This whole thing started three years ago. Maybe I'm just being a bit silly, but I'd like to hear your opinion about it.

Three years ago, I sometimes started sensing someone's presence watching me. At first I thought nothing of it, but then as time passed, when I was concentrating I started seeing the silhouette of what I think is a man. I can't figure what's he's wearing, but it's long, probably a cloak or something like that, and he seems bald as well.

He is usually standing near a door where there isn't much light. When I'm in the living room (which is near the bathroom), he is standing near the door that leads to the bathroom and doesn't really move. When I'm in my room the night, I see him standing in front of the door, apparently watching me. I find this really creepy and sometimes even annoying, so I keep my laptop on, so there's some light in the room and I can fall asleep with ease. (Hey, it's really creepy knowing that a silhouette is watching you in the dark, I need some light!) He usually appears during night or during day when there's bad weather, so there's some darkness near the bathroom's door. (I don't have many windows; actually, only two of them.)

On some rare occasions, when I'm walking home from school, I feel someone poke the top of my head really hard. It does not hurt, but it's annoying. I usually glare up at where it pokes me and after another 2-6 pokes on my head it stops.

It does feel creepy to see someone watching you, but I try to pay no attention to the silhouette. Actually, I don't particularly care if the presence is there; as long as it just stands there, fine by me.

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