The Creepy Attack

by Heather Forrester

I'm 15. When I was about seven I had sleeping problems. I was told by doctors that it would take a strong drug to help me sleep.

Well one night, when I was in my room trying to sleep, I heard foot steps running across my floor, but they were short foot steps. I was freaked out by it, but I told myself it was probably a rat under my floor board. Well I took my medicine and went to sleep really fast.

The next day I woke up to my room being dark, cold, and it looked like somebody was smoking in there but they didn't air it out. In one spot on the end of my bed is were it was most foggy. I saw the fog kinda move close to me. I screamed, and sat up and scooted all the way to the farther side of the wall. I was freaking out. So I covered my eyes and then looked back up and there was my mom standing beside my bed trying to calm me down...

I stayed home from school that day, and sat next to my mom on the couch the whole day while she held me. I didn't want her to move or anything; I didn't even want her to get up to get anything to drink.

Later that night I went to bed with my mom. I took my medicine as usual and I was knocked out. On this drug, nothing is supposed to wake me up, but I did wake up and I felt weird; almost as if something was putting pressure on my face. Then something ripped my covers from my over me. My mom had then woken up and we heard a growl, then something grabbed my leg and scratched me. Whatever it was it jumped on my moms bed a was trying to choke her. I was screaming and she was purple in the face and I was screaming. I didn't know what to do, then it just stopped and it went away. After that night I and we haven't seen it since.

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