The Dangerous Ghost Girl

by Milan

It was Saturday at 12:00pm. I was on my bed with my computer on my lap watching a movie. Suddenly I heard a sound of a vase falling on the ground in the kitchen. So I paused the movie and went into the kitchen. I couldn't really see anything because it was really dark so I went to turn on the light but it wasn't working.

Suddenly I felt someone's hand touching my shoulder. A shiver went up my spine. I turned around to look but no one was there except for me all alone in the kitchen. I quickly went back to my bedroom to watch the rest of the movie because I was so scared that I couldn't stay a bit more longer in the kitchen. When I went into my bedroom I saw someone else sitting on my bed and watching the movie. She looked just like me. She even had the same clothes like me. Suddenly she looked at me and gave me a smile. When she smiled a sudden flash came from her eye. There was so much light that I couldn't even see a thing. Suddenly I fainted...

When I woke up I was lying on my bed. I couldn't remember anything until I saw the other me coming closer to me. I was so terrified. I thought that this was going to be the end of my life.

Suddenly she came beside me and sat on the edge of my bed and touched my hand. Her hand was so cold that it was like I was in Antarctica. After a while she started to grow really long nails and her skin started to peel off and she turned different. She was a different person now and she was not like me anymore. She was a ghost... a dangerous ghost...

She wasn't like a spirit type of ghost. She was a ghost with flesh like humans.

When I saw her changing I quickly ran out of my room and locked it. I quickly ran into the kitchen to get a knife. On that right moment the ghost unlocked the door and disappeared. As quick as lightning she appeared in front of me. I suddenly threw the knife at her and it went straight through her heart. When I did that she screamed and disappeared.

From then on the ghost girl never came back to earth and earth was a happy place to live for everyone!

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