The Dark Figure

by M.D
(Ontario, Canada)

I never really believed in ghosts or spirits or demons. I guess as I grew in age, based on certain things that happened, that began to change. To be honest at first it was small minor things that happened, maybe not even ghost related but as it progressed I could tell something was trying to either reach me or destroy me.

So at my 13th birthday I had an older relative who was dating a nice guy. He and the rest of my family got along very well and he came to most of my family functions. After my party had ended, some of my cousins along with him decided that we were going to have a sleep over. We decided to get some movies from his house and since he didn't live far away we drove down to his house.

When we were there he mentioned that he owned a Ouija board and if he should bring it. All of us seemed pretty interested in it so we told him yes bring it with you. I don't know if this was a good idea, but to be honest I didn't think it was a bad idea.

So we got back to my house and immediately started setting it up, next to my bedroom. We all sat in a circle and we said we wouldn't screw around with it, meaning no one was going to push the tool that you have to use with it. So we sat and sat and talked and tried to conjure something, so after about 45 minutes nothing really happened, we all seemed bored and ready to start watching movies. So that's when it got weird, because now something was talking to us.

We asked it what is your name and it told us "Ihac". We laughed cause we thought one of us was messing around, but then the answers got more weird we asked it why are you here, and it said "For You", then finally we asked where are you exactly and it said "Here". It was pretty weird but like whatever someone was probably messing around.

So a couple days later I came home from school, all of the lights were off in my house because no one was home, so I got in had a glass of water and ate a cheesestring, only turning on the kitchen light. I put the cheesestring wrapper in the garbage and then I saw it needed to be taken out. So I went to put out the garbage, but when I came back all of the lights were on. Like every light switch in my entire house was on. I kinda tripped for a bit but again I told myself maybe I turned on all the lights and I just forgot or something.

After that day more weird things started happening, like I would go throw the garbage out and the TV would be on with no lights on when I left, but when I came back all the lights would be on the TV would be off. All of these things would only happen to me at first, so like I didn't tell my mom cause I didn't want to worry her. But again as time progressed my mom came into my room asking me one day if i thought I was funny. I was sitting playing video games for the entire time and she said that I came and I stuck my head into her room doorway and when she turned around I pulled my head back and ran away. I didn't move from the spot I was in the entire afternoon, that's when I realized I wasn't tripping out something was here.

My mom got mad at me a couple more times after that saying that I kept doing this but I would always tell her I didn't do anything. Soon after these incidents I would go to bed at my regular time but when my mom would wake me up in the following morning she would ask me why would I watch TV so late. I would tell her I wasn't I was sleeping. That's when we noticed at exactly six minutes after three every morning the living room TV would turn on and by fifteen after three the TV would turn itself off. I didn't believe my mom because I am a heavy sleeper, but one night I came home late and I was in the kitchen getting a glass of water, as I walked to my room the TV turned on, I don't know how I didn't wet my underwear but I walked to the TV turned it off and went to bed. Shortly after I heard it go back on and then again by fifteen after three it shut off.

This kept happening over and over and over and over again, until one night I unplugged the TV and sat in my bed listening waiting to hear it turn on. I didn't make it though, I fell asleep, but the next morning my mom told me it came on again last night. I never understood that, it just didn't make any sense to me. So eventually we just learned to sleep through it whatever it was and eventually we got a new TV and it stopped happening. But the most scary part of this was one summer night.

It was dark I had just finished brushing my teeth and I went to say goodnight to my mom and turned out all of the lights and I opened my bedroom door and I saw an All Black Figure just standing in the room right at the spot where we had used the Ouija board. I stood in shock but as I went to approach the figure it vanished, moving all of the blinds with it. I didn't move from that spot for about five minutes, but I went and slept in my room that night, staring at that spot waiting for it to come back. I never seen it again when I am conscious but I do get sleep paralysis occasionally and that is when I will see something pacing back and forth in the room beside me the same all black figure.

I don't know what it is but it never appears to scare me or hurt me because when I stare at it for too long it just leaves like actually just walks away or disappears. I know people's eyes play tricks on them but my eyes don't. I don't fabricate things like that. I don't know but this is just one of my encounters. There are a few more that I would like to tell. Maybe someone knows what this is, or maybe someone has gone through something like this. Its been like 8 years now and in the middle of the night if I wake up with sleep paralysis I will still see this thing walking pacing back and forth in that room, as if waiting for something or someone.

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