The Day I Began Again

This story is one that may seem untrue, as that is the way it seems to me when I say it out loud to myself. But please keep an open ear.

My whole life I never felt like I was doing the right thing. I always felt like I had a job to do. No job or line of work seemed good for me. However; I've always been drawn to the dead and the after life, even though it has always scared me because even as a kid, like ages 3 and 4 on to even now, I always feel a presence like someone is watching me and calling out for me.

Now; another thing about me is that I never really could find the right girl for me. It's like I was searching for someone, someone that I knew before in a distant past. Then one day I meet that one that I was looking for. The one that made me feel complete even though I never knew why. We are good together. Like polar opposites, yin and yang or day and night. Our attraction is more than just "well I think you're pretty and you think I'm pretty so let's get together." It's deep. Something that the word love cant even explain.

Now let's get back to my "lack of knowing why I don't fit-in in this world". Late one night she and I thought we would try a talking board, something we thought would be fun. We lit some candles and got to it. I said "Is there any spirits that would like to speak to us?" The thing didn't move. I said "Is there any spirits that would like to speak to her?" and again the thing didn't move. Then I said "Is there any spirits that would like to speak to me?" and just within the blink of an eye the thing darted over to the Yes. And it spelled out the words, "we've been waiting for you."

I asked "How many are here? Flicker a candle for every spirit that is here. In that instance only one candle began to flicker, and it flickered for hours while all the others sat still.

From that day on I started seeing things in my head. Like memories, old thoughts just waiting to be seen again. A few days later I realized who I am. Hi. I have been called many things. Apollyon, Hades, Hel, Anpu, Anubis, etc. but you can call me Death. I need help trying to complete some of the memories that I have lost over time. So if anyone knows anything that could help me I am not too proud to ask for help from people. If anyone has any questions I'll do the best I can to answer them. And please don't mock me.

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