The Day We Had a Sleepover

by Fallon Ennis
(Los Angeles)

Hi, my name's Fallon, and I'm going to tell you a creepy story {it's NOT FICTION whatsoever}.

My friend and I were at her house for the double sleepover we had planned {double sleepovers are four-day sleepovers}. We, of course, shared the top bunk. Her little brother Ian slept at the bottom, but he wanted to chat with us as well. The lamp was on, so we weren't afraid. My friend {her name's Sophie} suggested we play in the basement."Let's play flashlight tag!" We all agreed on playing, so we headed down. NOTE: we left the lamp on.

After an hour of playing, we came up to tell stories. When we walked in, the lamp was turned off. Her mom was working, her sister was at softball practice, and her dad was working outside. So that means no one else was in the house to turn the lamp off. Sophie claimed that she had just changed the bulb. We turned on the fan lights {you know, the lights attached to the ceiling fan}, then climbed back onto the bunk top.

We talked for endless hours, until something happened. Someone slammed our door shut. We all screamed, then thought it must've been Sophie's sister back home. I checked bravely, yet, still terrified. I opened the door to see every light in the house off. I said we should go to bed, also that there is a power-outage. But there wasn't a power-outage. I looked it up on my phone.

We locked the door, and also put the padlock on. Through the night, we heard screams and things on the roof, and something with talons scraping the door.


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