The Dead Avenging Themselves

by Samuel
(Lagos, Nigeria)

It happened four years ago to my father's younger brother who was killed mysteriously. The family was so upset because he was the bread winner of the family so the elders of the village decided to let whoever had a hand in his death suffer and die, but will first come to the village and confess before he or she dies.

They then invited a juju man (spiritualist) on the day the man has to be buried so the juju man brought a cutlass and a razor blade and made some incarnations and placed the cutlass on the left hand of the dead man and placed the razor blade on the right hand. He then made another incarnations and spoke to the dead body, saying that he should look for his killer and when he finds them he should use the razor blade to make them confess and use the cutlass to kill them.

The body was buried in the bush (according to tradition a man who is not married with kids will be buried in an unmarked grave in the bush).

A few days later the dead man's wife and her friend where running around screaming and yelling that her husband that had died is tearing her skin with a razor blade and that he won't stop until she confesses, which she and her friend did for two days until they both died the second day.

You said something about zombies that they are a myth well I will have to disagree with you cause there is a shine in my own village that raised the dead and just recently the youth in my community tried it on a dog and the dog came alive. This is a story for another day and if any one want prove then he or she should be ready for cause I am ready to show you.

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