The Death Angel

by Andy

Hi my name is andy I'm 25 now back when I was 18 I moved into an apartment in southern tennessee. naturally I started snooping around 2 see if any one had left something behind and above the kitchen cabinets I found a ziplock bag with a knife covered in dry blood!

Well I freaked out and threw the damn thing out the back door in the woods about a week later things started happening. one night I was in the kitchen and the glass on the front of the stove broke by itself. several nights I would hear stuff moving around in the kitchen then things turned serious... I was layin in bed one night and all of a sudden it felt like a freezer box. my bed shook and this black skeleton angel of death with a huge wingspan came out from under my bed and flew up in the ceiling! I was so scared I could not scream 4 help or move!

I know this sounds crazy but next thing I know this short evil joker looking thing jumped on my bed and was waving that damn knife around I was so scared I tried 2 kick at it but was paralyzed with fear. it didn't say anything, just jumped off my bed and ran up in my closet.

Several nights after that I would wake myself out of deep sleep speaking in tongues! I moved as soon as possible and have had no problems since but that was some really scary stuff.

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