The Death

by Savannah A Davila I
(Wiesbaden,Germany )

OK when ever I walk around near school I see death on tree branches on buildings watching me then I had this really creepy dream Death said to me I have to kill Jacy Chaplin, who was one my best friends.

I never got the chance to say to Jacy that I loved him, but then I tried to stay away from Jacy for 2 months straight.

It didn't help, I knew I was a monster, not a vampire, not a demon, not even close to a sea creature... But a flesh eating were wolf from Europe. I kept my secret ever since I knew I've changed in 7th grade, but every time Jacy looked at me, I could smell him from 2 class room seats away... that's like 20 inches.

Death came always in my dreams he told me my future would be death. So I don't know when I will die, but I know i'll die young from a silver bullet or mistletoe. European werewolves hate mistletoe and silver bullets. I knew I had to do a job I didn't want to do.

All Death told me was to take Jacy's human life to become a flesh eating monster like I was. But he wasn't from Europe to be exact. He was from North America, California. I heard lots of mermen and mermaids of all sorts lived there. But I forgot one sea creature, The Kraken... or was it the lagoon monster? Hmm... maybe lagoon monster.

Anyways... if I didn't do what Death told me to do, my life would end, so I promised him in my adult life to get every DNA of every sea creature or just fish from all over ( except piranhas ) to inject it in his veins and make him a sea monster...

But I am still age 12 its 5:45 PM ... Its Tue/ Dec 27 / 11

I have one thing to say to Jacy
" I love you "

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