The Death

by Sarah Scott

A lot oof people died lately and I think there's something realy wrong.

It started from my grandfather. He died in his sleep, but I have a strange feeling that my grandmother killed him (but the police was going to find out, duh!). After a week, my friend's grandfather died. Then, another friend's grandmother died. After a short time, my mother's friend killed himself and now an old friend died.

I don't know from what they died, but I think there is something that wants to kill us, starting from old friends and relatives until it reaches to us. Me and my friends have this feeling, me too. And I have a feeling it's going to take more victims.

I started to think about the demons. Have I said someone's name out loud? Yeah, but it was two days ago. The demon's name is Amy. There are people with these names. There's no way that you can't say it! Everyone said it at least once, with or without knowing there is a demon Amy. I remember, in the kindergarten, there was a girl named Amy.

However, there's something wrong and I need your help. Any suggestions?

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