The Demon in the Attic

by Ana dragon
(Massachusetts )

Since I was little I have always seen things that others didn't. People walking around that weren't there, spirits, ghost... But never demons. Until one day.

I was sleeping and got up to go to the bathroom. My bedroom was at the end of the hall, the bathroom however, was at the other end. In the middle was a ladder up to my attic. (We always put a board over the hole up to the attic because if we didn't the house would get cold.) So I went down the hall, went to the bathroom.

I came out of the bathroom and had an unsteady feeling like someone was watching me. My footsteps became slower I stopped. I looked in front of my eyes, I could see my breath. I stopped for a few seconds out of fear. Throughout the house I could hear nothing, just complete and total silence. I waited a minute, I don't know why, I should've just ran into my room and gone back to bed. But I didn't. I just stood there like a scared little idiot. Waiting for something to happen, anything. And something did.

A growl, a low deep lumbering growl that came from about seven feet away. I quivered. Then I heard something that nightmares are made of. "Get her" that's right (pardon my french but) fucking "get her" some fucking demon is going to murder me and its all because some spirit said "get her", THIS IS THE KINDA SHIT THAT'S IN MOVIES!

(Back to the story)

I almost started crying, the foot steps came closer slowly it became closer and closer, this thing was using my ass as a scratch and sniff. So I ran into my room, locked the door, turned the light on and sat in the corner of my room, until sunset. I didn't remember this story until I had to go through therapy and it came up as a suppressed memory that happened when I was eight.

I don't know what those things were. I don't know why they were there or wanted to hurt me but they did.

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