The Demon

by Kyle Joshua Labajo
(Cebu City)

I am still 7 back then. It was already past three to four and there was something that woke me. It was flickering but when I opened my eyes it was a horrible monster - a half bodied human and horse holding a huge fork with his burning eyes and huge horns and eventually he was all burning. All I could think that time was that I might die but if I woke my mother she might get involved so I just embraced my mother so hard and hid into her armpit just so I couldn't see it.

When I woke up in the morning I had a fever so I had an excuse to be absent. Everyone was in a rush including my mom (she has a job my dad doesn't), but he must deliver my sisters to schools. Which means I have to be left alone.

I was bored watching TV so I decided to pile the clothes scattered on the floor when I suddenly feel the urge for the call of nature. I went to the C.R. Just when I got back everything was a mess. Without asking to myself I knew something creepy is going on so I quickly ran outside and decided to wait for my father there. But as I pass the storage room outside our house I heard someone calling my name. It was a woman. I was exhausted so I sat on a bench just behind our storage room when I realize someone called back then near the storage area. My hair stood to their ends.

As I was about to run I saw a lady in white with her head with veil covered in blood and also half its body. It was coming closer, like every time I blink it teleports near me, but as it was so near it suddenly disappeared. I ran to be away from there and went to the nearest neighbours and waited there for my father.

Since that day I have been afraid in the dark and scared to be alone, and it has been my phobia already.

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