The Demonic House

by Jade-lee Farrell

I've told a memory from this house before. This time it scared me so much that we moved out.

We had been living there eight months (a lot longer than anyone else lasts). Me and my fella were in the bath with Marley the dog laying on the bath mat.

All of a sudden we heard a great crashing sound. Lee jumped out and when he went to our room the wardrobe was shaking and a TV aerial that was on top of the wardrobe had jumped off, wrapped itself round a travel cot then jumped over the back of the TV, not knocking anything over. I stayed in the bath till it was stone cold, shitting myself, telling myself that there would be a rational explanation. There wasn't one and this happened during the day time.

That same day our friend Colin came round and whilst we were telling him about it the room went eerie cold and we suddenly heard just outside the door metal tapping on metal. Now Lee and Colin went white. They used to be both skeptics - that is until they met me.

I have many much more to tell I just have to be ready and strong enough because when people put their experience down in words and fresh minds take it in the demons can attach to you and me again.

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