The Desire

by Lia

On holidays we usually went to our grand parents house. It was near a forest where my grandpa had done hunting in his earliest days. Now he and his friends go there for their evening walk. On our previous holiday we went there. My brother liked to play with friends there and I always liked the walk with grandpa and the chatting with his friends. But no one had went inside the forest at these days.

One day my grandpa was not in the house so I went alone for my walk. After a long walk I lost my way. No one was there to help me. I stood there helplessly. Suddenly I heard some footsteps behind me, there was a girl coming with a basket full of flowers. She seemed to be one of the folks living other side of the forest. She asked me if I need any help and she led me back to my house. On the way she told me many things about herself and her family.

She was very talkative like me so we became good friends with that one conversation. We decided to meet on the next day. Days passed and we met every day and she gave me some flowers which I hadn't seen before.

On the last day of my returning, when my parents came to take us back I said to grandpa about my friend, Nia. He said there was no one living on the other side of the forest, nor there is a girl named Nia. First I thought he was joking so I went in there, on my way I asked a farmer about that girl and got the same answer. But he said there lived a tribe decades ago. He said may his mother would know something about them so we asked her.

She said that her grandmother had told her a story about two girls who lived in the tribe. Those girls were best friends and one of
the girl was killed by an animal when she went inside the forest to fetch her favorite flowers and the other had disappeared two days after it. But she couldn't remember their names. When I mentioned the name Nia she said yes.

I ran from there and when I entered my room to take my bags I saw the same flowers she used to give me on our meetings. I said nothing about to my family and we came back and I hadn't seen her after that.

But yesterday I saw the same flowers on my bed. And it was the same day when we first met in the previous year!!!

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