The Devil That Defied

by Brandon (known as Vergil to some friends)

We may all know the Vatican fights demons and devils (yes, I said 'devils' instead of 'devil') regularly.

Something extraordinary happened two millennia ago.

It was a normal cursed day for our human world. All seemed lost to the armies of the Emperor Mundus. However, one of Mundus' greatest generals had sympathy for our poor, weak kind.

This general was a devil.

And the devil's name was Sparda.

He rose up out of the soul devouring darkness of the Underworld to the chaos ruled regions of the Earth and slaughtered demons constantly during that period of time.

A one devil army against one of thousands of powerful demons and many other devils.

Every swing of Sparda's blade indicated the death of a demon. Very slowly, Mundus' great army began to weaken over time.

Then came the battle of Sparda and Mundus.

The air and ground shook around them in the depths of Hell as they fought fiercely like brotherly enemies, seeking to overpower the other. After a tiring battle, one had fallen.

Mundus, the all powerful emperor of the Underworld, had fallen at Sparda's feet.

As he battled his way back to the human world, the great tower, Temen Ni Gru, the key to the portal to the Underworld, shook. Sparda shut the portal with his sword and a pure maiden's blood, leaving his power behind for fear of what he would later become.

For two thousand years, Sparda ruled the Earth with great harmony and peace.

He later fell in love with a woman named Eva. They then had two sons.

Dante and Vergil.

Sparda was very happy with his sons, as his human wife was. He gave Dante and Vergil swords he empowered. He gave the Yamato to Vergil, a demonic katana very powerful, and Rebellion to Dante, a great broadsword with great demonic power.

Then suddenly and mysteriously, the great Savior disappeared without a trace. Eva was killed by a demon horde shortly after, leaving the boys orphaned. Before she died, she and Sparda constructed a great amulet which would soon be the key to unlocking the gate to Hell on the Temen Ni Gru and acquiring the great sword of Sparda. They split the amulets in half and gave a one half to Dante and Vergil.

Ever since then, they have grown up as arch enemies fighting fiercely anywhere they encountered each other.


There is a great game based on this true legend called Devil May Cry.

The legend is recorded in the Vatican library Restricted Text Housing.

Characteristics of Sparda:

Sparda had the ability to switch to human form whenever he pleased, yet his shadow remained that of his devil form. Sparda wields a great sword, has fiery eyes and a gem on his forehead. He has two pairs of wings, one bat like and one bug like. He has cloven feet.

In his human form, he wears a purple coat, has long silver hair slicked back and one eyeglass on his left eye. He wields the same sword, and two guns that never ran out of bullets and were powerful.

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