The Doll That Never Got Loved

by Page Greene
(Sparta Wisconsin U.S.A)

Most children play with dolls and collect them too, but have you heard that a demon that wishes that it had never followed Satan to Hell would play with children?

Well it started out with this family in the 1700's. They got their daughter and son a doll to share, but they refused to. The demon found the girl and played with her in doll form. The boy would tease and bully her for believing. The doll murdered the boy in the night.

The parents were convinced that the doll had did it since there had been strange happenings going on since the boy started to tease the girl. The parents burned the doll, but it didn't work. They even tried to give it to another family, but it came back. The doll got tired of them so it killed the parents too.

The girl cried and never played with the doll again. Nobody would take the doll home so it is known as the doll that never got loved.

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