The Dream Warrior

It was the night of 1980 I was at home with some of my friends and we were just watching some TV and eating the supper my mom left for us before she went to work that night. We asked every one's mom if they could sleep over at my house. They said yes.

It was like every other night except for one thing - after playing one round of truth or dare Mellisa went to bed. The creepy thing is that Mellisa never has bad dreams or tosses and turns in her sleep. But tonight was different. She was tossing her body like a rag doll.

So we woke her up but she started screaming in pain. When we got her to tell us what happened she told us that there was a man trying to kill her. At first we thought she was faking a bad dream until she told us that the man cut her on the arm. After telling us she pulled down the covers and guess what we saw... a cut right were the man cut her!!!!

After that night we tried to sleep. Scared, no one could except for me... And the man hasn't come back since. But be careful when you sleep - he might just return...

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