The Entity That Burned Down The House

by Shauna W.

It was 2002 Feb. I moved in to a new apartment, it was really cute and cozy 2 bedroom. I'm from Boston,Massachusetts by the way...

Anyway it was on the 2nd floor of a 3 family house. The 3rd floor was vacant and the 1st floor occupied by a single mom with a teen daughter. The 1st floor had a separate entrance and the 2nd and 3rd shared the same front entrance (this will be important for later).

Well we moved in, me and my boyfriend, at the time and started buying and decorating the apartment. Well one day in March I heard banging on the 3rd floor, but never heard anyone enter the hall from the front entrance... so I went up and the door was unlocked. I went in and looked around, but saw nothing. I went back down and didn't think anything of it.

A few days later my friend came over to color my hair and all the sudden the window slammed shut in the dining room; these were hard to open and close. It scared the shit out of me and my friend. She said she had a bad feeling about the house.

Later that night I was watching TV in the parlor,and I heard my boyfriend jogging up the stairs like he does and the front door opened and I saw him going into the bathroom. I waited 15 minutes. I heard the water running in there so I knocked, but no answer so I opened the door: no one there. I shit myself. I called him to come home.

A week later I was sleeping and a voice screamed my name through my pillow waking me up. When I opened my eyes my boyfriend was standing in the doorway staring at me, but he didn't look like himself, then he walked away. OMG.

That weekend we went out. When we got home I checked my messages. Everyone was freaking out asking 'what is that?' I played my greeting on my machine. It was an evil voice (that recorded over my voice) saying "Fuck you I did it"; sounded like an EVP recording.

Four days later my cousin wanted to go to lunch. We went to get burgers, I was gone 20 minutes. When I came back my house was up in flames. The Fire Department said they didn't know the cause: never seen anything like it!

I guess it was fuck me. I found out what "I did it" means!

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