The Evil Fog

by John

This one night I was playing the ouija board and it was really late at night so I was scared. I started asking questions like, is anyone there? do you want to hurt me? do you really want to make me cry? then the board started to vibrate and I got this really bad feeling and my stomach started to hurt really bad.

I was so scared! My stomach started making a sound like it was possessed so I jumped up and the pain was intense and all of a sudden there was this horrible scary sound like snapping and popping and it was like I was giving birth to a demon, the demon from the board was in me. It released itself from my rectum and the room filled with this horrid smell and a scary fog. I know some of you wont believe me but this was real.

A week later I went to the doctor and they said I was pregnant. I was really scared because I knew it was the devil's baby. About a month later I started having really bad pains again so I said I will not have your baby Satan and I ran to the toilet and pushed really hard and the baby came out.

It was smiling at me and I started crying. I picked it up out of the toilet and held it. It was brown and smelled really bad. I knew this was evil so I threw it in the toilet. I stood there crying and looking at it. I heard God telling me to flush it. I said "Jesus give me the courage" and Jesus grabbed my hand and flushed the devil baby.

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