The Evil That Follows Me

by catherina
(la south )

Hi my name is Catherina. I work in a grocery shop in La. The experience which I am going to share is true and horrid.

I usually do night shift too for extra penny. Last month I was about to close the shop when a man in a black suit came and asked for a bottle of soft drink... I was very tired and was sleepy too so before noticing his face or something I handed him the bottle and he payed and went away. I closed the shop and hurried home.

On my way I saw that same man following but this time he was all skinny as if he had taken off his old clothes and was walking straight towards me. I was really scared. I wanted to scream but it was as if I was mummed. I stepped quickly - short of ran towards my home and suddenly I saw the man was flying...

Ah it was a terrible, horrifying scene. I prayed to the lord to give me death instead. I was so terrified and scared I began to shake. I was drenched in sweat and the man began to nod and laugh evil. I ran. By hook or by crook I reached home that night. It was so painful for me, not a single moment I slept... I just remembered the face of that evil creature...

The next day I again went to the shop and the same thing happened. I didn't tell this to anyone as no one will believe me. For the last month the same thing is happening again and again. It follows me home and then disappears.

I am a strong believer in God so why is this happening to me? Pleas I am out of my mind, it's ruining my life, I cant take it anymore. Sometimes I think about suicide, but then again I think of my family depending on me...

Please somebody out there help me. Please show me a way to get rid of this. I can't live my life this way. I am only 22. I don't have any boyfriend or friends. I am suppose to enjoy my life... this thing has totally ruined my life. It has become Hell. Please HELP ME!

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