The Eyes To See (Part 2)

by Dateenagevamp

As some of you have already read from my first story,all of you know that I have the eyes to see. This is the second part to my story. Being 17 is not all that easy, not because of my everyday struggles as a teenager but also because of the things that I see with my abilities. Apart from hearing the thoughts, desires, foretelling dreams and dream walking, I have had several occurrences where my thoughts turn into actions. I don't mean the literal meaning of this phrase but the spiritual meaning in itself. I can harm those who are mean to me when I empty my mind and think of them. However, lately I have begun hearing voices of the tormented souls from the netherworld seeking for my help to purify them so that they may move on.

I have however only managed to help one. She was a spirit like no other,a tormented soul of a priestess from the Edo period of Japan. She had died of being cursed and had called out to me for help. Being a priestess, medium and clairvoyant myself, I decided to help her. Her soul was badly deteriorated seeing as she had died of being cursed. I could only help her see why she had to die to help her move on. However, she had a hard time accepting her death that she has now become an earthbound spirit. She is now currently serving under another earthbound spirit to avenge the injustice of evil people that had which been done on the righteous.

As a priestess, I am still constantly in the face of danger of vengeful spirits of the netherworld. I am not bragging but I am the great priestess. Many of the spirits that I have come into contact with calls me the great priestess. Despite that, my abilities have just gotten more and more vast. The more I deny my abilities, the more gifts I get from God. I know this for I have managed to communicate with the angels, the archangels... Gabrielle has warned me of an impending doom that awaits all of us in this realm.

Is this blasphemy many of you might ask in your minds. This is not. I am merely saying what was warned to me. The great war has begun on earth, angels, demons ,humans of righteous descent and humans of sins... Which side are you on?

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