The Eyes To See...

by Dateenagevamp

Life seemed absolutely normal when I was little but as I grew up throughout the years, I've been having strange occurrences.

When I was five, I was still playing at the playground alone, my mom and dad watching me from a bench not far from it. I was still playing with my bike when a little girl approached me asking if she could borrow my bike.

"Can I please borrow your bike? You can ask your mommy if you don't trust me." she begged.

When I approached my mom to ask if the girl could borrow the bike, she said that she hadn't seen anyone talking to me, nor was I, as she'd been keeping her eyes on me since she brought me to the playground. I was baffled because I saw her right in front of me!

I remembered my grandma's death. I was still five back then and was still sound asleep when this occurred. I saw her from above, dying of asthma, she was gasping for air when a man with wings stood next to me ,Azrael the angel of death...

"You should return to your body, child. Your mother needs you." The man said as he pulled the life out of grandma.

From above, I could already see my parents rushing into her room as I floated wistfully.

"Go!" Azrael commanded, I slammed back into my body with such force waking up sweating and rushing into grandma's room.

I grew up having more weird occurrences, foretelling dreams, intuition, in other words sixth sense. Life up to now is distorted to me as I can no longer differentiate between being awake and dreaming. Recently, I've heard a voice being whispered into my ears like, "Angels do not sin..." or hearing my mom's prayers, "Dear God, give me a righteous child..." I could even remember my life before being born into the world. I was standing on the spiritual sky not asking for any purpose in life from God. I'm seventeen now and have learned to embrace my gifts despite my mom not believing in my abilities.

I still give her indirect warnings of my visions so as to not freak her out. The latest gifts I've received is to be able to visit people in their dreams, hear their hearts' desire, hearing the same voice in my head saying, "All you have to do is ask if you want something daughter..." and also will things to happen with my mind.

Many of you who are reading this might be thinking, "what bullshit is this?" am I correct? I write what is true.

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