The Face In The Wall

It was Christmas time just before my eighteenth birthday. Me and a couple of friends decided it would be a laugh to do the Ouija board.

It all started off okay, we were pushing the glass around to freak each other out. A few hours later we stopped playing but the glass didn't; it kept moving. We were all in shock. I ended up tipping the board just to stop it.

From that day on I have seen this face in the wall. It is not human, it looks pure evil. I can only describe it as beast, like it has moved from wall to window to mirror and keeps threatening me. It chants and screams at me. It told me its name but I refuse to say it or even write it down. As I have read if you take notice of it it gets stronger and I don't want to invite it in.

I no longer have any mirrors in the house but it has started visiting my dreams. I am alone in a room when it appears and tells me I am it's. It will have me and won't rest till it has got me.

I am 25 now so this has been going on for a while. I am scared it will go after my children as my oldest won't sleep in her room and is too scared to tell me why.

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