The Family In My House

by Maeve

Well when I was 15 me and my family moved in to a beautiful house. It had 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a big yard; the perfect place we thought. My room was the one next to the master bedroom. I was in my room unpacking my cat I had at the time. She was on my bed. her name was Sabrina.

Then I heard a baby crying. I thought I had left the TV on but it was off. I looked over to Sabrina, she heard it too. The thing is there was no baby in my family at that time. I got up off the floor and got on the bed with my cat. The next day I didn't say nothing to no one. The next night the same thing - the baby crying.

That same night round 3:30am my door was open a little bit and I thought I saw my mom. I asked "Mom can you please close the door?" and she said "sure honey" and closed the door, but that whole time Sabrina had her ears down and she never does that.

The next day when I saw my grandma I told her everything that had been going on in the house since we moved in. She said I should sing a lullaby for the baby and say a prayer to sent the baby into the light. That night when the baby started to cry I took a stuffed animal and put it by the wall where I heard the baby cry from and started to sing. Then my cat came next to me and looked at the wall. The crying stopped, then I said the prayer to the baby and went to bed, but in the living room you can hear things (like about 1:30am you will hear something that sounds like a gun going off, but there no guns in our house).

I started to asked people on the block about the house and I heard some really bad things about it. This man a few years ago killed his wife and one year old baby girl in the house. He started stabbing his wife in the master bedroom. She tried to get away to the baby's room (my room)then in the hallway he cut her neck and she died slowly. He then went and got the baby and held her under water in the bathroom in the hall. Then he blew his head off in the fire place. That's why the owner covered it up.

Once my mom got wind of it needless to say we moved. I hope that the baby and the mother find peace and the light one day. As for that baby killer I hope he relives his death til the end of time.

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