The First Unicorn Emerges

by Brittany Nicole Pilkington
(Paris, Texas)

I looked upon the magnificent beast before me, although I don't think beast was the right word. Beasts are nightmares born into reality, but this ... creature before me was the most beautiful thing anyone had ever layed eyes on. The unicorn (for now I'm sure it was a unicorn) was a delicate snow white from nose to tail. Why, even its hooves and horn were a pristine noble white. The unicorn had emerged from a fissure in the ground that I had just recently watched open from the safety of a tall tree, which I was still in. The majestic ... unicorn (for I was still in shock of seeing something that I had always believed was a fictional story) was as tall as the tallest horse. It looked very delicate, almost as if a light wind would tear it apart, but upon closer inspection, I saw rippling muscles covering every inch of its powerful form. Finally, my shock was replaced with an enormous feeling of awe, but my swift change of feeling must have startled it, for it did the most unexpected thing. The unicorn looked up, right into my eyes, and in its eyes were more knowledge than all of the human race knew. Its stunning eyes were a rich dark brown like the earth it had emerged from, but, sadly, my view was just not meant to be.

The unicorn loped away, as graceful as a flock of birds taking wing, maybe even more, but it wasn't its gracefulness that surprised me, it was its speed. The unicorn was faster than a cheetah, much faster, and when it ran its feet barely even touched the ground. I stared after it, wondering if any other mortal, or even god would ever see the creature again. If my thoughts were correct, then I would be the only one to see the first unicorn(it must create more with other breeds of horses, will it not? Maybe in different colors as it is with horses.), and I am the luckiest being alive. Not even the smallest of insects would see it, maybe the pure of heart, but likely not. The first unicorn was a sight no one will see on this earth ever again, but its rumor will spread because humans have a hard time of keeping secrets, and I am a human, but the betrayal of this creature might just change me, and that would be a shame. The first unicorn was magnificent, and as its only audience, I would bear the bane of its existence for eternity.

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