The Fridge and the Wolf

by Ravyn

It happened when I was 11. I had spent the whole day feeling scared and angry for no reason. Sleep came fast to me that night but I never rested.

I had found myself in a dark confined space in my dream. I was curled up in a ball and the walls were squeezing my sides while I had a good foot above my head. I was freezing and wanted to escape, but all I could do was sit there and shiver. I had just this feeling of dark dread as I sat there a few seconds before the wall in front of me disappeared. There was nothing there but a dark kitchen.

As I tried to get out, a dark cloud came out from around the corner. I was paralyzed with fear as this dark wolf formed out of the cloud. It didn't seem to take a solid form, but just looked at me with its dark red eyes. Then disappeared like it had never been there.

The next morning I went to my church to help out with some snacks. We were in a kitchen that made me feel at unease but I just kept joking around with my friends. There was a big fridge in the corner and they started going in there for a few seconds then coming back out. I went in last but just as they were closing the door, I could swear I saw the dark wolf smiling at me from the corner of my eye.

The fridge was exactly like it had been in my dream and I just froze up because I knew what was to come next. I waited for my friends to open the door after a few seconds, but they were gone. The door was too heavy to be opened from the inside so I was trapped. I couldn't stop shivering as the inside seemed to get darker and darker. It didn't quite seem like any normal chill. Finally the door opened.

My friends told me later that when they had tried to open the door it wouldn't budge. They had even got an adult, but no one could seem to open it. A few seconds before it finally came free, they said they heard some one crying inside the fridge in a voice that didn't quite sound like mine. It been two years but since then I have always dreamed of a place before I have a brush with death there. What is it?

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