The Gargoyle

by Johnny
(Vienna Austria)

Back in 2001, living in New Mexico, I helped a girl who I dated to move into a new home, away from her boy friend, to live on her own. This was in Madrid, NM, an old gold mining town. The house stood on a steep hill where some of the old gold mine shafts were.

I stayed that night cause it felt scary to stay alone in the unknown home. We slept on a mattress on the floor in the living room. When it just started getting light outside my friend sleeping next to me said half asleep: What? What did you say?

I replied: No, I didn't say anything!

Curious I looked over to her and saw a big clay-brown creature kneeling over and whispering into her ear! When it noticed me it just looked at me with wide opened pale, washed out eyes. For a few seconds we stared at each other and then with one leap it jumped to the right, straight through the wall!

This was so amazing, I must tell you that I wasn't really scared, just wondering with awe! It was so skinny and long, approx. 6ft tall, but muscular and huge bone structures, no hair, just smooth shiny leathery skin. Big claws on long fingers, its back was bent extremely and a big vertebra would show. I could see each vein, tendon and bone. It looked very strong, it could have ripped my face off in a wink, but it wasn't aggressive or threatening at all. The head was bony, elongated, a big mouth, almost like a snauz, the ears were different, more like a dog but short and firmer. It looked so old, its skin was like that of an hundred year old man. When the creature realized that I could see it, it looked me straight in the eye without a blink, just stared for a couple seconds and then jumped sideways and when it reached the wall where it faded and was gone.

In the morning I acted strange around my friend, for some unknown reason I never told her about our encounter, nor did I warn her. When I dropped her off she said: You motherfucker! Got out of the car and I never saw her again, even though I did like her a lot.

I left her to the gargoyle, I think he was in love with her. I wonder still to this day of what had become of that beautiful woman.3

This story is true and it really happened to me. Never again I saw anything alike, only recently I started researching more about this subject.

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