The Ghost In My Restaurant

by Elena
(Denver, CO, USA)

I used to work at a restaurant located in a little strip mall across the street from my house. The location was perfect for me, down the street from my school, and across the street from my house.

One night I was closing up, just me and the 2 owners. We started talking about the ghost in the restaurant, I had only witnessed one event you could call paranormal. The dish washer had randomly started itself, it was an old restaurant dishwasher with a button you had to push to make it start.

Well that night we were talking about the ghost, the owners told me stories of how it would lock doors, knock objects on the floor, turn on the dishwasher when no one was in the dish pit (that was a huge one), basically do everything possible to make its presence known. As they're telling me this a jigger (the little shot glasses with one end bigger then the other) goes flying across the restaurant into a wall.

Well my boss totally over reacts, and starts yelling, and screaming, and making a big ruckus. I just end up standing there with my fish out of water look watching all of this. After a few minutes of him yelling the front door slams shut. We had it propped open because it was a hot night (there was NO WIND AT ALL). This has to be the freakiest night of my life.

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