The Ghost In My Room

by Mathew Greenwood
(Knowlton, Qc)

Hello, my name's Jake.

This is the story that happened to me just last Thursday. I was sitting at the edge of my bed playing Daxter on my psp. I just got the game earlier that day. The game started getting interesting so I didn't want to stop unless I absolutely had to.

Anyway, I made it to about the middle of the game when I felt someone sit next to me on my bed. Naturally I thought it was my mom coming in to tell me it was time to go to sleep. "A young boy needs his rest," She would say. Yeah right more like, "needs to beat the game."

I sat there for a while, still playing, when I realised she hadn't said anything to me yet. I didn't hear her leave, so I turned around. No one was there. It didn't matter that I could still feel someone sitting next to me.

Startled by the thought, I jumped out of bed and pressed my back against the wall. My psp fell to the floor. I looked around the room, empty. Mom would never do something like that to me. I convinced myself.

Slowly I walked back to my bed, keeping my eye on the spot where my mom supposedly sat down. A lot of questions started stirring inside my head, but one stuck out more than the rest. Was it a ghost?

I made it over to the door and pulled it open just enough for me to peek through. "Mom?" I called out, "did you come into my room?" There was no answer. The lights were off. Everyone went to bed. I closed the door and turned back toward the bed. This is going to bother me all night.

Just after my thought ended that's when it happened. The spot I thought my mom sat at began to rise, like someone had just moved from the seat. My head dashed around the room. Looking at every corner "this isn't real." I said inside my head.

I stopped, my eyes locked onto the corner of the room. Standing next to my dresser was a tall, black figure. It kind of looked like a man. It felt as if he were looking right at me. Not in a bad way, but it wasn't good either.

I took a step from the door and that's when it happened. The black ghost darted towards me in a haze and placed his right hand on my left cheek. What happened next scared the crap out of me. He opened his eyes and revealed two glowing hazel orbs. "Dad?"

My dad died about a year ago from a freak car explosion. Now he's haunting me in my room. But there's one thing that bothers me, he doesn't feel like my dad.

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