The Ghost In The Closet

by Charlotte

I keep having horrible dreams that keep coming true. They are so scary, and this is my worst one. I call it 'The Ghost In The Closet'.

In the dream I am standing in front of this massive oak closet and the door opens and a voice whispers: come with me, or face your doom. So I follow the whisper and step into the closet and a scream rings out, and everything goes black. I am sucked through this blue portal and the voice, evil and shrill now, whispers: you cannot run, you are mine now. And then I am standing by this machine and I get sucked in, and then I am looking at this boy in a bed, but he has a dagger driven deep in his heart. And the boy in the dream is my brother. Dead.

And now when I open my oak closet, I see a man with knives hanging from a belt round his waist with blood on his hands and face, smiling at me. I have been to my friendly ghost friend, a coal black dog called raven, and he says to wish the ghost away. But it won't work.

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