The Ghost Prisoner

by Patricia Sevilla
(Pasig City Philippines)

I'm a transferee which prefered to study in a public school due to some family and financial problem. And of course being an alien in that school without any friends makes me silent all the time. I was put in a grade 4 cream section, which means I belong in section One. Well actually I'm a nerd. Then here it goes.

I was being bullied but I never told my mom. My classmates call me names and keep on telling bad things behind my back. Yes, I was being backstabbed. My life as a transferee was hard.

Then one day while I was at the staircase at the fifth floor, around 5:30 AM, I heard my classmates playing 10-20(a kind of garter game for those who don't know). Then I also heard my male classmates playing it. All things happened very fast and I was pushed from the staircase. But I felt a very cold hands grabbed my wrist. I look to see who saved me but to my surprise,I saw no one. I looked everywhere but still, none.

Then I heard a sound of chain being pulled on the ground. I saw a pair of dirty, wounded and swollen feet with a chain and a kind of small yet heavy black ball winded on his feet. It took a while for me to realize what I just saw and after it sank in my mind, I knew I already found my first friend and savior: the ghost prisoner.

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