The Ghost Upstairs

by Tia

THIS IS TRUE!...or so I've heard...

I haven't seen this Ghost (unless it's the one I told you about on the arm of the loveseat I saw when I was 5 or 6).

So, there's two stories to it. I'm guessing it's the same one because they were both spotted upstairs. One in the upstairs bathroom and the other in the hallway (which is right outside the upstairs bathroom).



So, my mother, father (or step-father, I don't know how old this story is), sister, (possibly step-brother if this story isn't that old), and I went on vacation. We asked my uncle and cousin if they could check on the house and the animals. They told us when they walked the whole way upstairs, this white thing ran down the hall and it went into a bedroom. Either mine or my parents because we both have our bedrooms at the end of the hall. They ran out of the house both suspecting it was a ghost. That's all I know of the story.


This is also a short story because this is all I've heard about it. Keep in mind that the upstairs bathroom is right beside my parents room. There's even a door connecting the two rooms.

Anyway, my mom goes to bed at like 10:00 PM usually at nights. She doesn't like to stay up late or be woken up in the middle of the night. But my step-father, he sleeps on the couch (he does love my mother) or comes to bed EXTREMELY late. One night, he decided to go to bed. He lied down and not little after had to go to the bathroom. So he walked through the door and this white thing was there. It was a ghost. All it did was stand there. But my step-father wasn't there a long time. Actually, it was a really short time. He quickly turned around and slammed the door shut, afraid, he woke up my mother and told her what happened. THAT'S ALL I KNOW.

Sorry these are short. That's all I've been told about the stories.

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