The Girl On The Bike

by Anthony

I don't care if anyone believes me or not but all this is TRUE. Okay, so one day me and my friends went in the woods. They felt like they were being watched (I used to think they scared easily but now I know why they felt like that) so they wanted to go home. I couldn't get them to stay so they left.

Three hours later, around 9pm, I walked home. On my way I heard a giggle and looked back. I saw a girl on a red bike with what i believe to be some kind of red evil aura flowing out of her. She rode into the woods and screamed. Without time to reason with myself I raced to the woods and saw to of my closest friends on the ground dead. I cried while trembling in fear... this is were everything went bad.

Still crying I looked for the girl. I found her with a evil smile hiding under a beautiful face. I lost all feeling, fell to the ground and crawled away from her (I had no feeling at all - standing was difficult). My friends had vanished as did the girl. I saw her a few times after but ignored her and she left. I still feel her presence today.

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