The Grandmother Mirror

by Mya
(United States)

When I was very little, as my grandmother has told me several times, I was left unattended in the bathroom with a large "grandmother mirror", as she called it. I did not move, I didn't play around in the bathroom. My grandmother heard a loud crash come from the bathroom and instantly ran to me. The mirror had fallen toward me, glass shards surrounded me completely, but there were no scratches to be found on my body, not a single one. I think back on it and consider myself extremely lucky because that could have killed me at the age I was.

My grandmother says that my ancestors were looking over me and saved me because I was meant to do great things. I'm just really curious now as to if there was an evil spirit trying to get me before and if it could possibly get to me again? For the record, when the experience happened, I had no recollection of event to this day.

I am now 16 years of age, of Native American descent, and have never really experienced paranormal activity that I know of. I am very paranoid and wish to know of impending danger. I also have not had any contact with my ancestors. Please help, and thank you.

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