The Hitchhiker

by Rakell

This story is from my grandfather. He used to be a truck driver when he was young. I'm told that at the time he was not the best person, he drank and was a philanderer.

He picked up a hitchhiker one evening on one of his various routes. People did that sort of thing in the 50's and 60's. It was a man with dark hair, normal looking. The man began to talk to him, it was small talk at first, then it turned sinister. The man knew his name even though my grandfather had not told him. He knew my grandmother's name and the fact that they had twins, which were my mother and aunt. The man suggested that my grandfather should kill his wife and children. He said he should take an axe and just chop them up. He said that they were holding him back and down. He said that my grandfather would be much happier without them. He could do so much more without them.

Needless to say my grandfather stopped the truck and told the man to get the "f" out, and the man did. He was terrified for the rest of his drive. This was a time when there was no internet, and no easy way to find out personal information. The only conclusion my grandfather could come to was that the man was a demon of some sort, pure evil. He learned that negative activities will draw the negative towards you, and he his now a better good person.

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