The Hooded Figure

by Lexi

Alright I must start off saying last year I got really curious about vampires. Well I did the ode to the vampire mother chant. A month later this happened.

I went to spend the night with my friend. Well my friend decided to invite a few other friends too and we went for a walk. It was ten at night and it was very dark. My friends were talking and I started to feel angry and very protective over my friends so I stayed behind them just in case something happened.

I was scanning my surroundings when I saw a hooded figure standing on the side of the road. Well my anger raised and I started to feel like I wanted to fight someone. My friends turned onto the next road, I started to follow them until the figure looked right at me. I couldn't make out any of his face it was just as the hood was empty.

I kept staring into the hood. My friends kept walking not realizing that I had stopped. I felt a pulling sensation and I kept getting more angry. Well I didn't notice that I had started walking towards him. I felt like I was in a trance. There was only 15 feet between me and the figure when my friends yelled my name.

I kept walking towards him.

One of my friends ran towards me and grabbed me by the shoulders. I finally broke out of the trance. I continued walking with them, I looked behind me and the figure smiled at me. I didn't know how I could see its smile but nothing else. It waved then walked away. I could hear the words "we will meet soon young one" echo in my head.

I asked my friends about it later and they said that we wouldn't say anything about it to anyone. My friends said nothing about it. But they always look at me with fear in their eyes.

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