The House Has Its Problem

by Seasonstar

I have been haunted my whole life. I've moved often, and most of the houses had some sort of malevolent phenomenon happening. I've had ghosts that liked to laugh in the middle of the night, play with knives and silverware, walk up and down halls, sing, grow black mold within hours, watch you in your sleep, give you nightmares, play with the edge of your vision, etc. Yet for those of you feint of heart, don't worry. I'm not here to tell you that you will die because of your haunt. I'm here to tell you that they feed off of your fear, and that the only way they can hurt you is if you allow them to.

So, I have to tell my favorite story. It was of a house I no longer live in, but it is one of the most memorable.

At the time I wasn't too happy. I was depressed, and it only made it worse that the only thing that I could look forward to was to write letters to my friends. It wasn't much fun at the time.
The only sense of thrill that I had was when I went into my parents room alone. They'd ask me to get something for them, or to do something, and I'd always dread it. I hated the feeling that room gave me. It radiated evil so badly that you could feel it from the stairs. Every time I'd go in, I'd feel eyes on me. They filled me with the worst feeling of anything I had ever felt before. It was angry, furious, and it wanted to kill me. I knew it did. I could almost hear the sinister thoughts as it watched from the corners of the room, glaring, waiting for it's chance. I knew if it got the chance, it'd kill me. Yet the knowledge I knew even then was that spirits had no power over you unless you gave them that.
However, at the time I had some spice near the end of my time there.

My aunt, uncle and cousin came to visit. My cousin was five at the time.
My aunt and uncle had just married, and his daughter became hers as well. They were staying with us before they could move into their new house. It would be a month before they would leave.

My cousin started to speak to an imaginary friend around the time she came to our house. She'd address her friend as "Lala". We'd often find her pleading and yelling at this imaginary friend, saying "Stop it Lala! Don't do that!"
It went on for a while, with her parents saying not to talk to Lala again.

One night changed everything. My dad was walking upstairs to go to bed (I heard this story later from him). He turned to see a little girl standing in the hall. Thinking it was my cousin, he told her that she should be in bed. She ran past him and into his room. He followed her in there, mad that she'd disobey like that.
Going into his room he followed her into his closet, where she had slipped into. No one was there. Thinking she had slipped out when he wasn't looking, he went to her room to check. She was fast asleep - had been the entire time.

Later that night my mom and dad were in bed when something grabbed my mom's foot. She tells my dad to get it out of her house. He banishes it. It stays outside their bedroom door, so he banished it out of the house. That's where it stood for the ensuing days before disappearing.
The funny thing occurred after that. My cousin never saw Lala ever again. She had stopped talking to "herself" and never had another imaginary friend.

Scare you yet? I'd love to hear your comments! Heck, give me the links to your own experiences! By the way- I don't want to hear some idiot rationing. This was all true, experienced by my family and retold by me.

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