The Incomplete Story

by Amy

I am gonna tell you all a true ghost story that happened with my sister nearly three years ago. Here's how the story starts...

It was New Year. We went to a party a little far from our home. The party was given by my dad's buddy. We were welcomed in a very nice way. We were asked to walk on a red carpet.

When we walked on it my sister felt something strange. She felt as if someone was pulling her downwards. When she saw downwards she saw two bloody hands holding her feet. She screamed. When everyone was looking at her she said the incident but all laughed at her. She became furious and went to the washroom.

I followed her to the washroom. When I went there, no one was there. My sis had fainted. We took her to a hospital and she said something happened in the washroom, but still today we are totally unknown about that what had actually happened to her!!!

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