The Lady In The Kitchen

by Tony
(Salem oregon USA)

As a child my mother would tell me of the elderly woman who was her nanny. She was kind and generous to my mother and her 3 sisters. Kept the house very clean and and took very good care of my mother and her sisters. She said she'd always come home to the smell of cookies being baked and the nanny would be in the kitchen staring out the window into the backyard as if watching someone.

One day my mother and her sisters were out in the backyard and it began to rain so they came inside to see the nanny laid on the floor dead. My mother called the emergency phone line at the time and told them the nanny was dead and they were all alone. When she got off the phone she took my aunts all outside standing in the rain. The went under a tree in the yard facing the house.

And from the kitchen window she said she saw the nanny looking out the window at my mother and aunts then vanished.

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