The Lady In The Spare Bed

by MJ

I have another story that was told to me by someone, although it's believable. I know some people are inclined to think the story may have become over exaggerated, but here it is.

Well to be honest this isn't really a story, more a series of events.

Again the strange things started happening when a family moved into a new home in Sydney, Australia.

The first strange happening was the wife had just put her two boys to bed for an afternoon nap and was ironing when she heard whispers coming from one of her sons rooms. Confused she walked into his room and found him sitting up in bed talking to someone. She asked who he was speaking to and he replied "the lady in the spare bed." When she looked however at the bed next to him it was empty.

Thinking that her small son had simply invented a imaginary friend she thought nothing of it. Through out the first weeks of living in the house, her son continued to play and talk with the "lady in the spare bed."

Until one day when the wife was cleaning the playroom where her son spent most of his time playing with his younger brother and the "lady in the spare bed," she found a long black hair on the floor. This was strange as she was the only member of the family to have long hair and hers was blonde.

At first she dismissed the idea that it was anything unusual about the black hair, until she continued to find more and more of it, wherever her son played.

Then one afternoon she walked in on her two children playing hairdressers. The room was cold despite the fact the windows were closed, but she figured it might be the air-conditioning.
She noticed her son was holding her brush and she asked what he was doing with it. He replied "brushing the lady's hair. But she's gone away now."

She looked at the brush and was horrified to see that it had long black strands of hair in it alongside, her blonde hair. She asked her son "is the lady's hair black?" and he grinned saying "mummy you can see her too!"

She asked if she was in the room and he nodded and pointed to the corner. But when she looked there was nothing there.

After the brush incident the wife continued to live in fear of the women, telling her boys not to play with whatever it was with the long black hair.

It was late afternoon when she was washing dishes, both her sons in bed and her husband at work, when she heard the patter of feet behind her and felt someone brush against her back, when she turned nothing was there.

And this is where our story ends I have not yet found out if they still live in the house with the women, or whether they attempted to get the women out of the house. But there is one question I would like to ask. Is this a demon or a ghost?
I originally thought it was a ghost, but if this is so is it possible that you could brush a ghost hair, or feel it brush against you? Yet if it was a demon surely the wife would be able to see it as well as the children?

I will be happy to hear what people have to say on this.

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