The Little Man

I live in northern Minnesota with my older cousin on the Redlake Native American Reservation.
Every day we would go on walks along different trails through the woods that we would come across. Each day we would go a little further then the last, just talking or practicing our singing voices. We no longer do this due to what we've experienced.

Ok so there was this one particular trail I liked taking because it lead to this very old building made of stones. We would go inside to check out what looked like (in my opinion) an old torture chamber or jail of some sort. As we left the stone building, the sun was starting to go down. We got halfway through the trail back home (keep in mind the trail is at least two and a half miles long) and my cousin got the brilliant idea of camping out at the building. I of course replied without hesitation "NO, you can!"

He then said "Fine, alright, stay here like a little *****". When we got to the house he grabbed his camping supplies and walked into the woods without saying a word. After a few hours passed it was 2:30am and I became scared of being alone in the house. When I would go to the bathroom I would walk slowly against the wall down the hall looking back every 5 seconds and then quickly go in and shut the door.

So I had no idea what was going through my head, but I walked through the trail at 3:00am, walking as fast as I could with a flashlight in my hand. I couldn't keep steady. And then I got, I'd say about 3 quarters down the trail, still walking fast and not looking back for anything. And then I heard some sticks crack on my left....

I was shocked and couldn't move. I turned off my flashlight because I thought it was a bear and kept as quiet as I could. And then I heard this odd flute music in a distance. I was so terrified. But there was this feeling I got that made me go toward it. I got closer and closer as the music got louder, but I then blacked out of shock. I woke up on the ground right next to a small shadowy man sitting on a stump facing away from me playing his flute...

I was so scared that I couldn't move and at the same time controlled by the beautiful harmony its flute of some sort was creating. I thought in my head "alright, three, two, one....". I then got up slowly trying no to make any sudden noises. As it hopped quickly on its feet and turned at me,
I saw it. It had long hair past its knees, no nose, big black lips that stretched across it's face, and black beady eyes that looked see through. It spoke something in tongues that sounded like it was talking backwards as it walked closer and closer.

I ran as fast as I could down the trail. I started seeing a fire so I ran even faster toward it and got to my cousin... of course he did not believe me. So we sat at the fire for a while, until we eventually went inside the building...
I fell asleep in a heartbeat due to all the running I did, until my cousin woke me up with fear in his face I've never seen before. He told me to stay quiet and we looked out a barred window of the building at a tree that was 6 feet away and there were 5 of the same little people I seen earlier.

He said "Watch this. They were doing this all night" as they danced around the tree with the same flute music. He threw a rock at a nearby tree and they all ran into a hole on the side of the tree. We looked at the hole afterwards and saw nothing but a dead end 5 inches into the tree. I asked an older women about this and she told me I should have appreciated his music. And now I hear the same flute music at 3:00am every day whether I'm asleep or not.

I'm not asking you to believe. Just warning you to be cautious in the woods of northern Minnesota.

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