The Maid

by Anon

Jamie, a 16 year old girl, babysat a lot. One day, a family (The Jhonson's) asked her if she could baby sit their two children, Clare and Jacob. She gladly said yes.

Everything went pretty great while she baby sat. Clare and Jacob were two wonderful children and they played games and watched TV. At 9, when it was time for them to go to bed, she sat on the big comfy couch and read a book she had brought along. At around 9:30 the Jhonson's maid arrived from the supermarket and asked Jamie to tell the Jhonsons that she was home.

At around 10:30, Mr. and Mrs. Jhonson called to see how everything was going. Jamie said that everything was perfect. Right before she hung up she said, "Oh by the way, your maid arrived, she told me to tell you she was home."

After a long second Mr.Jhonson answered:
"Jamie.... Get Jacob and Clare from their room and get out of the house NOW! The police will be there soon."

"Ummm okay, but why?"

"Jamie, we don't have a maid."

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