The Man at Walmart

by Caitlyn Byrd
(Lacey, Wa USA)

OK well here's an interesting experience. Of course it happened at the Walmart, the title gives it away. This was very horrifying but very short. I'm only twelve years old and I was with my grandmother and my little sister, who is six. Well here's the tale I'm going to tell:

Me and my little sister were having an argument about buying Top Ramen, which I didn't like eating and thought was bad for you. We finally decided not to get it and we waited in line at the cashier. I don't think that my Grandma noticed, but there was a man with all black eyes, not even the white part, in front of us. When we came near him, I felt a sense of dread and fear, which I guarantee is not a good feeling.
My little sister yelped and that's when my Grandma noticed the eyes of the man, all black. I was about to ask the man if he was aware of his black eyes, but thought better of it.
My grandmother looked extremely uncomfortable, and the man looked at me, with those piercing eyes. I made a little yelp and pulled our cart to the farthest away lane. I noticed that no one was near that man and that his cart was empty. We left the grocery store in a world record of one-and-a-half minutes, breathing hard, and my little sister was shaking like a scared Chihuahua.
That wasn't the last time I saw the man though. On our way home, I saw the man walking the streets three times. I wondered: how he would be able to be ahead of us when we had a car, and he was walking?
I tried to make up a logical explanation, but I couldn't think of one. And that experience definitely scared me.
The only time I could think of something that terrifying, was when I had a sleepover with my friends Alexis and Jillian, for my birthday. I would tell you that story but that would be off topic.
Both experiences had changed my mind about everything I thought was real, and everything I thought was fiction.

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