The Man in Black

by Christina-Noel Marie Driskill

Man in Black

Man in Black

I was running through the darkness alone searching for my lost love, who disappeared 6 months ago. Have not felt alive since, my heart is aching for him, begging for him to come back and claim it. I ask myself why, why did you leave me in the darkness with all the creatures of the night?

Then I saw him, a man covered in black with beautiful white skin, he took my hand and said “Be not scared of what you can’t see around you my child, but embrace the darkness”. Then he leaned in like he was going to kiss me then I felt something sharp hit my neck, at first it was so painful that I wanted to scream then it felt like pleasure and I moaned, when he bent back up, I could see ruby red dripping from his pointed teeth, then I fell down but did not hit the ground I looked up and I see the man holding me in his embrace, looking down at me.

He said "Now my love, we will be forever together". As I lay in his embrace, I thought to myself “I am dying”, then out of nowhere he puts his arm to his mouth then puts it toward me and said “drink my bride so you will be mine forever”, so I put his wrist to my mouth.

It tasted so amazing like this was the first time I ever drank anything and it tasted so sweet and smooth then he moved his arm and I blacked out. When I awoke life around me looked and felt different. I was like a new born but born into a dark, immortal world and I didn’t feel scared, I just looked into his black eyes and kissed my dark prince and was in love.

Now I walk through the darkness with him by my side, as we are walking I see a face from the past, the one I searched for, he looked at me and said “what happened to you”. I looked at him and said “you left me in the dark with all the creatures of the night, be gone with you, you mean anything to me now, the man in black is my prince and I love him and I walk away without looking back and start my new immortal life with my dark prince, my true love, THE MAN IN BLACK.

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