The Man In The Back

by Mr

Danny, my brother, always wanted to sit in the back. He was older than me, only by a couple of years. Anyway, whether he was offered to sit in the front or not he would blatantly say no. He said they would get him if he did. Me and my mom, would frequently ask who they are. He would say that if he told us, they would get him.

In school the teacher made him sit in the front row, due to his constant talking problem with the other students. The day the teacher moved him to the front row was the day he never went back to school again. And that was only in year 8. The teacher asked him what his 'problem' was. His only reply was, they will get me if I do not obey.

Danny's obsession with the back was beginning to not only worry me, but mom as well. We took him to a psychiatrist and the man asked him questions about his health, mentally and physically, and eventually gave up due to every reply from Danny being the same... They will get me if I tell you.

Danny died a couple of weeks ago.

I have been seeing weird things in front of me lately.

Now I know who 'they' are...

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