The Man In The Trench Coat

by Knox
(New South Wales Australia )

My story is in two is of my dream, the other is about what I found out what it might be.

When I was ten (I'm now 28) I was in this 'dark place' (I won't say room because it went for ages) there was no light was coming from anywhere. I remember I started to become bored in this place so I decided to entertain myself by singing and dancing like a fool. Anyway I heard a voice say to me "He wants to fight you".

I turned to see where the voice was coming from when a figure caught my eye. A man (so I thought) with a trench coat, a top hat (only shorter on the top), blue jeans, red shirt, goat legs and something more strange a kangaroos tail, then I noticed he was holding something, ONE BIG F*#KING SWORD.

For some odd reason I smiled a said "Okay, let's go". Now most of the fight I don't remember but the part I do is that he had sliced into my chest, I got frustrated with him so I jumped towards him to smack him one back. As I got within centimetres from his face (my fist) he seemed to get smaller and smaller, this guy was fast, one minute he was right in front of me the next he was miles away. When I awoke I was in a cold sweat, I remember looking where he had 'cut me' and there was this scar. It was like it was cut open and had already healed, but the strangest thing is that every time its hot (I'm from country Australia, and it does get hot here) you can see it plain as day but when its cold its hardly visible.

A good couple of years later (about 7) I was talking to my Uncle's girlfriend at the time and I started to tell her my dream. I started describing him to her, I only got the trench coat part out when she stopped me and described the rest to me. I was shocked! She knew who he was. (I swear my jaw hit the ground) She told me our people call him the Devil and he likes to torment us. The second person I talk to was my other Uncle, when I told him my dream he looked at me with fear, he almost turned white. He told me he had a dream (not the same as mine) of the same guy, but when my Uncle approached him he looked up and my Uncle saw his own face on this thing.

The third person I spoke to of this is to my Grandmother, she told me that he has been regular visitor to our house. She also has dreamed of this same 'man' though she will not tell me it.

I know this may not be very scary but I tell my story to see if others have seen this same 'man' and if you have please share.

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