The Man With Glowing Eyes

by Cherry

Hello my name is Cherry. I was about 13 when I had this dream now I'm going on 15. I didn't understand it and I didn't remember it until recently.

I had gone to bed around 8 that night because I had a really bad headache. In my dream I wake up to a thunderstorm in a house I've never seen before in one of the bedrooms. I got outta bed and walked downstairs and I looked out the back door but I felt as if I was being watched so I turned around and when I did I saw a man who had to be a least 7 feet tall. He was very wide and muscular, he honestly was built like a body builder with all the muscle but he was wearing boots, dark wash jeans,a gray shirt and a black leather jacket. His hair was cut short to his head, and he had a stubble to his face but not quite a full beard.

But his eyes were something I had never seen before. They were a really dark cobalt blue and had an inhuman glow to them. I asked him who he was, and he gave me a small smile and walked closer to me. I felt like a was frozen. I couldn't move.

He stopped when he was right in front of me, and he touched my cheek and smiled. Then he leaned down to my ear and whispered "you'll find out soon enough". Then it thundered and I woke up.

It's only happened one other time but I feel I'm supposed to know him from somewhere but I have no idea where. If you could have any idea about any or what it might mean please comment or email me at

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